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Dr. Namrata Prabhudesai, Mumbai

ScholarMD Fetal Medicine course has been really helpful in terms of learning, improving my technical skills, acquiring better quality images and hence enhancing diagnostic capabilities. It has increased my confidence level in reporting and enabled better communication with the obstetricians, thereby giving maximum benefit to the patient and the fetus, which as a Fetal Medicine specialist should be our motto. During the course there is personalised attention given to each student with an emphasis on interactive learning. This stimulates our brain to think. As Dr.Bimal Sahani sir says it is ‘Gurumukh vidya’ which we will remember forever.

Dr. Sudhir Hirve, Beed

Recently I completed ScholarMD Fetal Medicine Training Programme, 2018 batch. I practice in a small district place (Beed, Maharashtra) since last 14 years. Being in a small place like Beed, I had to practice multiple modalities including X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI. ScholarMD Edvent has fulfilled my desire to learn modern obstetric ultrasound and fetal medicine in the true sense. Under the leadership of national heroes in Fetal Medicine like Dr. Ashok Khurana, Dr. B S Rama Murthy, Dr. T L N Praveen and Dr. Bimal Sahani, the entire team including the academic co-ordinators. In a classroom, literally a classroom, of 40 students, you are permitted to ask any question at any point of time. Any important topic, unless everyone understands, is repeatedly taught. In true sense this course takes you back in the shoes of studentship. Post this course my entire vision of obstetric imaging has changed and this change has reflected in my practice. Kudos to the entire team.

Dr. Shrawan Kumar Jat, Sikar

Fetal Medicine Training Programme is a very useful programme for working Radiologists. This programme includes all chapters related to fetal medicine from basic to advance stage. All the faculty teachers are great -- like gurus. Special thanks to Dr. Bimal Sahani sir as mentor. The teachers answered very politely to all our queries, which is a great thing about this programme. The contact programme is very useful. From this programme I learnt protocols, patience and how to counsel the patient. I give big thanks to the whole ScholarMD team for providing me with this life-changing opportunity of learning Fetal Medicine, and I highly recommend every Radiologist to join this programme to enhance and update skills in Fetal Medicine in current scenario.

Dr. Gazal Singla, Panipat

ScholarMD has proved to be a grand milestone in my career. Quality of their lectures, study material and training course, all makes a complete package. It was an amazing experience being the part of ScholarMD team.

Dr. Riya Makhija, Bilaspur

Scholar MD Fetal Medicine training programme is very useful programme for practising Radiologists for enrichment of knowledge and keeping pace with time. It was very happy learning. An unforgettable path with great teachers guiding us to new horizons of Fetal Medicine. Thank you all the pioneers.

Dr. Santosh Sabnis, Pune (PCMC)

It was indeed a game-changer moment when a group of us friends enrolled for the ScholarMD program. I was always keen on obstetric imaging and wanted to be a fetal imaging specialist but hadn’t got a chance before. It was very impressive the way the whole program was conceived and conducted. The planning and execution were top class. It was a treat to listen to the masters of the game at close quarters. Not only the teaching was top class, the faculty saw to it that all our doubts were answered. We were guided step-by-step from basics to advanced imaging and clinical knowledge. With innovative ideas like image submission and contact programs, the teaching was near-complete. Some of the country’s best - Dr. Rama Murthy, Dr. Khurana, Dr. Bimal, Dr. Bijoy, Dr. Praveen, Dr. Mohit and others taught us with great enthusiasm. Personally the program has helped me immensely to reach the next level of imaging and patient management. Thanks Dr. Sohoni sir and team!

Dr. Barkha Deshmukh, Mumbai

I am really grateful to ScholarMD and all its prestigious teaching faculty. It has given me a lot of confidence by bringing into forefront & addressing a lot of underlying difficulties which are easily ignored in normal circumstances. That helped us to envisage the right solution to address the issues in a more professional manner. Last but not the least, it has also made our referring Gynaecologists and colleagues appreciate our work!

Dr. Renu Sharma, Sikar

I am practicing USG for last 20 yrs at Sikar, a small district in Rajasthan and was considered to be doing well. However I was planning to enhance my skills in fetal medicine and at the same time I came to know about this course. Just want to share that even after practicing for so long, this course has greatly improved my knowledge and imaging skills to a very great extent. The course is structured in a way that it includes all the advancements. The teachers are very well known figures. There dedication to make us grow was phenomenal. The teaching does not end with the course. We have regular group discussions and are regularly learning. The group participants and teachers are like second home. Being in a small town, I feel honoured to be able to provide good quality work to outreach people. My gratitude to the teachers and ScholarMD organizers.

Dr. Yogesh Joshi, Nashik

It was really an eye opener for me. My confidence is booming and I feel myself different from others after this course. And of course those anomalies which I was picking at 17 wks, now I am picking-up most of them at 13 to 14 wks. Yes, that vision has developed through ScholarMD. Lucky to be with the Gods of Radiology for 12 days. Thank you ScholarMD.

Dr. Sushil Bharati, Pune

Before joining Fetal Medicine Programme and after completing this training programme, my pattern of doing ultrasound had completely changed. I just cannot proceed further before completing previous sections check-list. I have started seeing things in much finer perspective. This course had helped me a lot. I express my deep gratitude to all my dedicated teachers and the organisers. I am really feeling proud to be an alumnus of ScholarMD.

Dr. Jayesh Shah, Mumbai

I had been in practice since 25 years when I joined ScholarMD program. It taught me importance of patient and systematic study. My approach to abnormality changed. The faculty is so humane and approachable. Where can one find such an opportunity to learn on one-to-one basis. It encompasses all the systems from embryology to anomalies, including genetics. In my opinion it the best available, most compact, flexible teaching program I have ever come across for Radiologists.

Dr. Rakhi Bansal, Alwar

This course is excellent. My whole perspective to view fetus have changed and I am able to diagnose more anomalies. Teachers are very helpful even after completion of course; they are ready every time to solve my problems. Glad to be a part of ScholarMD.

Dr. Sudhin S, Calicut

Grateful to the organisers & the extraordinary teachers who took great pains to teach us slowly & made us realize the nuances of Fetal Medicine which general Radiologists have ignored for long.  

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