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Important Information

All the training programmes offered by ScholarMD Edvent are high-quality, structured continuing medical education programmes for qualified physicians.

ScholarMD Edvent does not award any qualifications. The training programmes are aimed at furtherance of knowledge of physicians, which helps them in building successful careers.

ScholarMD Edvent strongly advises physicians not to claim to specialists unless they have specialist qualifications recognised by Medical Council of India (MCI) and / or State Medical Council.

Physicians who choose to subscribe to the continuing medical education programmes offered by ScholarMD Edvent should strictly adhere to the MCI Ethics Code Regulations and other laws applicable to India and its constituent States.

ScholarMD Edvent shall not be responsible for any wrong claims or wrong practices or professional misconduct or violation of any other law by the physicians who may have subscribed to one or more of the programmes offered by ScholarMD Edvent.  

Welcome to our website