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About Us

ScholarMD Edvent was born out of sheer passion of a closely-knit group who wanted to do something outstanding in the field of continuing medical education and practice.

The core philosophy of the ScholarMD Edvent group is furtherance of academic interests of medical fraternity. It is our mission to make available to doctors the state-of-the-art knowledge and skills from the best faculty.

In this era of rapid scientific advancements and rising medico-legal litigations, it becomes critical for doctors to constantly upgrade their knowledge and acquire new skills for better and safer career prospects.

But once doctors complete their formal medical schooling, there is hardly any structured skill-based training available to them. Medical conferences generally prove insufficient to develop the kind of confidence in doctors which is required to transform knowledge into practically applicable skills.

The aim of ScholarMD Edvent is to bridge this gap between knowledge and skills. 

Welcome to our website