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Welcome to the world of high quality, skill-oriented structured medical training progammes. Give your medical career a headstart with the training programmes of ScholarMD Edvent.



Researchers at the National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine, U.S.A. theorised the famous "Learning Pyramid". According to their research, the learning and retention rates among students using various teaching methodologies are as follows -

Lecture - 5%

Reading - 10%

Audio-visual - 20%

Demonstration - 30%

Group Discussion - 50%

Practice by doing - 75%

Teaching others - 90%

Therefore, in addition to didactic lectures, the faculty at ScholarMD Edvent employ a combination of three of the most potent teaching methods - Audio-visual, Demonstration and Group Discussion - for teaching high-quality medical skills to doctors. Through the use of a researched approach to training, ScholarMD Edvent aims at inculcating practically useful and career-building skills among doctors.  


We have only a limited number of seats for every batch of our course to maintain the high quality of training. We will close admissions as soon as the seats are full. So book your seat now.  

Welcome to our website